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About Toni

wellbeing consultant + entrepreneur

A yoga teacher, wellbeing consultant and entrepreneur, Toni Dicks was led to a career in health wellness as part of her personal journey to find balance, joy and a more fulfilling life. Drawn to yoga after life on the corporate treadmill left her feeling unfulfilled and exhausted, Toni has developed from teacher, to student, to businesswomen. Constantly learning, exploring and researching, Toni's has parlayed her personal passion into a portfolio of complementary businesses, each naturally informing and facilitating the growth of the other. Working with the intention of creating profound and positive effects through her work, Toni's businesses focus on enhancing wellbeing, creating joy and promoting balance. To find out more, click here.


'The organic growth of my businesses means that each has developed in-sync with the other, creating a diverse but complementary portfolio that I'm proud to put my name against.'

- toni dicks, wellness consultant + entrepreneur