Toni Dicks


A wellness expert and entrepreneur, Toni Dicks owns and operates a series of businesses informed by her personal journey as a wellbeing consultant. Driven by desire to bring her clients the most effective and engaging products, treatments and experiences possible, each business is intrinsically linked to the other. 

design your blood

Working with clients on a one-to-one basis, Design Your Blood is a bespoke consultancy. Through live blood microscopy, Design Your Blood helps clients to unlock their body's potential, working with a constant focus on the potential for enhancing health, rather than fixing physiological 'imperfections'. Offering insight, advice and practical guidance, Design Your Blood is an inspirational service, always seeking new possibilities for improving the way that our bodies function and feel. 

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sound sebastien

Founded in partnership with renowned wellness expert, Jasmine Hemsley, Sound Sebastien is a way for the public to experience Toni and Jasmine's shared passion for the power of sound, and the profound effect that it can have on wellbeing. Working together as Sound Sebastien, Toni and Jasmine create soothing sound baths to relax, uplift and inspire. An antidote to the hectic pace of inner city London life, the 'pop-up' concept appears around London for residencies and workshops. 

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magic of foresters

A family business, Magic of Foresters have grown, hand-pruned and sold Christmas trees from Kent for the past 40 years. Located in the picturesque countryside, Magic of Foresters is the ideal place to find your festive spirit. In addition to growing beautiful trees to decorate your home, families have the opportunity to book into 'Santa's Grotto' to meet the man himself. Magic of Foresters is in the process of developing new ways to enjoy their beautiful location year-round, so stay tuned. 

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'My businesses are organically evolving. The wellness industry never sits still, and my businesses grow and develop together to bring the best possible products, services and experiences to my clients.'

- toni dicks, wellness consultant + entrepreneur