Toni Dicks

Events -Retreat at The Knoll with Toni Dicks and guest Practitioners…

lush restorative yoga and alchemy crystal singing bowls

toni dicks and meriel angharad

retreat at the knoll, br35ll

Friday 8th November: 19:30-21:30

Lie back in comfort with everything provided; mats, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows. You will be welcomed in with DoTerra essential oils and Crystals.

Toni and Meriel will guide you on a beautiful journey through the five senses using floor based yoga postures and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, grounding and rooting you in your body and the present moment.

Healthy and easy to digest snacks and warming drinks will be served.

investment: £54.49


'Restorative, relaxing, and not requiring anything more than your presence, Sound Sebastien creates small pockets of paradise in an unbalanced world.'

- toni dicks, wellness consultant + entrepreneur